Executive Coaching

Our Team Works With Executives And Professionals Throughout New England

Here are 12 ways you will likely benefit from Executive Coaching with us:

  1. Results- realize dreams, reach goals, increase productivity,  be the best version of you.
  2. Deeper Learning- about yourself, how you're perceived, where you can improve.
  3. Inspiration-  we will help inspire you to the leader and producer you've always wanted to be.
  4. Faster Action - advance things faster and with greater precision & efficiency.
  5. Space- space to hear your own voice and to process with someone who will stretch and challenge you.
  6. Awareness-  of perspectives, behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that may be holding you back.
  7. Swagger- get yours back or develop it properly.
  8. Clarity- on your values and what you stand for, which leads to greater conviction.
  9. Ideas- for ways to improve that you may not see and resources to deepen your well.
  10. Emotional Support- empathy and encouragement.  It's lonely at the top.
  11. Confidence- to make bold moves.
  12. Cold Truth- others won't tell you but you need to hear.

There’s no question that future leaders will need constant coaching. As the business environment becomes more complex, true professionals will increasingly turn to coaches for help in understanding how to act. We are the type of  coaches who will do more than influence behaviors; we will be an essential part of your learning process, providing knowledge, opinions, and judgment in critical areas. Don't settle for mediocre or status quo.  It's time for you to break out of the pack and excel!

Coaching comes in a variety of flavors, but the overarching goal is to help you be the very best version of yourself as a leader, executive, and whole person. The experience feels like a blend of therapy, board discussion, and Olympic cross-training. The focus is on your advancement as you define it, a definition that usually evolves. A coach doesn't have to have been a "quarterback" to be helpful (just ask Pete Carroll, he was never a stand-out football player), but familiarity with your world never hurts.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says the best advice he ever got was to get a coach. Bill Gates emphatically says everyone should have a coach. Venture capitalist Fred Wilson advocates coaching too, especially for first-time CEOs.

Rates For Executive Coaching

  • Initial Session: $500
  • Individual Sessions: $450
  • 2 Pack: $900 ($450 per session)
  • 3 Pack: $1275 ($425 per session)
  • 5 Pack: $2000 ($400 per session)
  • 8 Pack: $3000 ($375 per session)
  • 10Pack: $3500 ($350 per session)


New England Life & Executive Coaching

All pre-purchased sessions and packages are non-refundable and have a 12 month expiration date.  NELCAT does NOT accept insurance and does not in any way guarantee any reimbursement from your insurance company.  Every insurance company and policy is different and depending on your policy, you may be able to submit receipts for possible reimbursement (flex spending accounts, etc).  Our services are classified as coaching, mentoring, accountability  tutoring or pastoral counseling.  We will always provide you with a receipt for services.  Payment for services is expected at the conclusion of each appointment.  A 24 hour cancellation policy requires at least that much notice to cancel an appointment or you will be charged for your visit.  State emergencies and road closings negate the 24 hour cancellation policy.  All information submitted via the website will never be sold or shared with any other vendor.  Payments that are overdue for more than 30 days will be charged a $25 a month late fee and accrue a 5% interest rate. We accept payment in the form of personal or business check or cash. New England Life and Executive coaching is based in the Greater Boston area (North Shore) but team members will travel based on need.

We begin with a phone call or email,

schedule an in-person meeting

so we can understand your goals.

We then tailor a schedule

to meet your needs

and increase you performance.

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Coaching for executives,

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